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Seal coating is what our company specializes in! Our crew is very acclimated to getting your job done in a professional manner.

Our commercial clients include, but are not limited to; apartments, hotels, churches and banks where it is JUST as important to get the job done without disrupting tenants or customers as it is to correctly apply the commercial grade material we use.

Our company applies a coal tar asphalt sealer which is extremely effective in making your parking lot more attractive.

Jericho Asphalt Sealing - The best solution in Richmond to repair and maintain your businesses commercial parking lots.

Protecting your asphalt investment is just as important as visual aesthetics and benefits of applying this type of sealer include:


  • Helps the pavement resist oil and gasoline which can cause premature failure in existing asphalt
  • Reduces exposure to UV rays which can cause premature failure in existing asphalt
  • Reduces water penetration which can cause freeze/thaw cracks in existing asphalt

Jericho Asphalt Sealing provides crack filling & seal coating services.  Let us maintain and repair your paved lots in Central Virginia and beyond.


Crack filling your asphalt is the first and most important part of asphalt maintenance. Water seeps through cracks and over time will undermine the base causing the damage to spread.

In our region during the winter months pavement is effected by freeze/thaw. Water settles in the cracks during the warmer part of the day….then freezes at night and expands which makes the cracks larger.

There are several types of cracks that appear in asphalt. We are able to crack seal long cracks which will help maintain your lot much longer than if this is left undone. However if there are areas in the lot where the cracking appears to look blocked or alligatored…these areas generally need to be cut out, removed and patched. Our company has extensive experience in this area.


Patching can become an important part of asphalt maintenance.

The first issue is potholes. There are many different factors that cause potholes to get larger and deeper and they can quickly become a liability issue for the owner. We can get to your property in a timely manner to fix this situation. Next, depending on the conditions, excessively cracked areas can spread very quickly to become larger deteriorated areas if not repaired.

Small potholes can be filled with a cold patch and larger potholes can be filled with hot asphalt. Many times this does not require saw cutting and can be less expensive. To determine what is needed in each individual lot requires an onsite visit.

Jericho Asphalt Sealing can patch and repair the pot holes and cracks in your commercial parking lot.   Serving the greater Richmond, Va area.

Excessively cracked areas require the entire area to be saw cut and removed and new asphalt installed. This also has to be determined on a by an onsite visit.


Parking lot marking & painting services in the greater Richmond, VA area - VDOT approved paint - ADA signs available.

Parking Lot Marking

Our company uses VDOT approved Sherwin Williams traffic paint on every project. We can re-stripe your lot or do new layout. We can add handicap bays and signs according to ADA standards. We also have stencils for the new electric car parking bays.